Why become a Promoter / Reseller?

Make money just by recommending our products! Promote locally or via social media!

You Love Cars Right?

As a car enthusiast, talking to strangers about cars is natural.  We love to brag about our car, listen to installation nightmares, offer advice on car issues, share kill stories, or even making up the occasional story, just to make things interesting. 

So when you show off and talk about your brand new bad ass LEDs you got, they’ll want some too!

Simply leave your business card, let us deliver quality LEDs, and earn $$$. 

You just got paid to talk about cars.

How Does It Work?

Sell however you like: car meets, car shows, school, social media, YouTube and get paid. No recruiting a team. No outrageous monthly fees. No pressure to hard-sell your friends and making them hate you.

Get paid 15% - 40% commission, with monthly incentives to reward you for your sales.



We Research, Deliver, Host the Site, Stock Inventory, and Ship. All you need to do is to Tell the World!

We do all the hard work in figuring out what LEDs go with which cars. What LED chip is bright, yet reliable? How many LEDs should this application have? How would I even make a website, let alone one that is super easy to use? Business cards? Starting corporate entity? We've got it covered. We'll give you everything you need to succeed.

 It's cheap to get started …

We'll get you a great deal on our LEDs so you can see why you see the Supernova LEDs difference. No other startup costs necessary. This will give you products to show off to your friends and family.

Other Reseller programs cost $50 - $100, and give you enough samples to host a single party. After this, be prepared to spend more money.

… and cheap to stay a Reseller.

We don’t require you to buy our products every month just to stay active.  You only buy your LEDs once, and you’ll always have samples to show customers. 

You don’t need to buy big expensive books and brochures showcasing products that change ever month.  All the customer needs is your Reseller link, and we’ll show them the products they need.

Help us Promote. Earn $$$!

We sell a product that people actually want to buy.

“You can enrich your energy and sex life with a daily supplement of antioxidants!”

“This makeup totally draws attention away from your jarring features!”

“This overpriced amazing-smelling candle is just $30!”

Instead of selling makeup, protein powder, or supplements to people who need to be convinced they want it, car enthusiasts don’t need convincing.  “Those LEDs are really bright.  My stock lights don’t look nearly that nice!  I guess I know what my next mod is.”  Yep, you just got paid for talking about cars.

We do most of the work for you.

We maintain the website, marketing material, research products, research fitments, keep inventory, and ship to customers.

They were already going to mod their car with LEDs.  Why not earn some profit for simply sending them in the right direction?

When we buy a great quality product, we like to pass on our experiences.  This is especially true with parts for our cars.  That’s why you’ll find an online forum for nearly every make and model of car.  Instead of sending them to a site where you’ll never see a penny of that sale, we want to reward fellow car enthusiasts.

Your potential customers are likely already people you associate with.

You already go to car meets?  Already post on car forums?  Already chat with friends about cars?  Already in a car club?  Already go to track days or autocross weekends?  You get the point.



Community Organizers

Resellers don’t have to be for personal profit!

Community Organizers – We know you put in hard work to bring the community of <insert car here> together.  This can be through drives through twisty roads, dyno days, car meets, tech days, and trips to the track.  Earn money for your organization’s events!  Buy everyone a shot at the next meet!  Community Organizers don’t pay any monthly fee, just because we love supporting local car clubs.  This is our way to thank you for what you do.



Performance Shops / Repair Shops / Car Dealers

No need to buy any inventory.  Just hand out business cards to your existing customers and earn commission.  This section is so short because it really is that easy. 




Bloggers / Vloggers / Auto News Journalists

Blog or Vlog about cars? Help us reach your audience and we'll reward you for it!




Fill Out an Application

We screen our Resellers, so this isn't a free-for-all.  We want to make sure that our Resellers are really car enthusiasts, and not some random dude putting flyers on windshields in parking lots.

Tell us more about you and how big of a car enthusiast you are.  We've told you why you should join us.  Share with us why you're excited to become a Reseller!

Contact us and tell us about yourself!

Help us Promote. Earn $$$!


Want more details before filling out an application? Drop us a line.