We love to talk about how great we are, but let's hear from our customers.

Thanks for taking most of the research out of LED's. I have ordered some crap from ebay (China) and pretty much wasting time, money and paid the price. Your stuff is Quality and I take pride in adding your quality products to my S2K. Will buy again!

- Stephen B.

Being in the sales business myself with Honda I truly appreciate great products and the equivalent level of customer service. I purchased a couple of led lights for my s2k and was so impressed by them and Joey's quick responses to my questions that I purchased more the following day and now have my coworkers looking for some from here as well. I'm glad I found this guy on the s2ki forum. Thanks

- Rosario717

I actually purchased led bulbs, reverse lights and interior lighting all from JS2k.com, I searched on the s2ki forums and all over amazon first before taking this plunge. The brightness, clarity and the overall customer service - excellent. I purchased these bulbs I would say... July maybe August of 2012 and to this day, I've had zero issues. No flicker, dead spots, uneven lighting - nothing. Just as perfect as they arrived about three years ago.

- Jeff L.

Service and customer care is amazing. When I had failing LEDs, Joey helped deal with it promptly and without question, sending replacement product, even updated versions. One of the best sites I can recommend anyone who wants some new toys for their car. Will definitely shop more again.

- Mark D.

Dude this guy.. is freaking awesome! He works with his clients on a personal level and is very prompt with shipping. I have overed from bossman Joey multiply times and he excedes my excitement every single TIME! BAM!!

- Jonathan P.

My order was processed and shipped out in a timely manner. Joey even replaced the items that were damaged during shipping without any hesistation even though it wasnt his fault. I will buy from him again soon.

- David N.

I'd just like to say how pleased I am not only with the level of service received from Joey in the past, but also the great quality products he offers. Good to have a guy like this a long distance away, that gives you piece of mind.

- Mahvendra N.

If all S2K equipment performed as well as Joey's domelight, my car would go 500 mph. Now, where do you get one of those hood ornaments with the short skirt?

- Dave A.

Can't say enough about how good Joey is about getting back to you and making sure you get exactly what you want. Placed a custom order and Joey hooked me up. Recommend to anyone who wants a sweet deal on some awesome stuff for your S.

- Adam M.

Joey is extremely helpful when ordering from him. He helped me with multiple questions and likely annoying emails X) Not only was he helpful but the delivery time of my purchase was significantly fast. Keep up the good work Joey.

- Johnny V.

I converted to led's, quality product, great customer service and an all around good experience!.

- Randall S.

The led lights are great and so was the service. The key hole plugs worked out great as well ! Tnx Joey

- Ted H.

I have bought a bunch of LED's from Joey and he offers great customer service everytime. If you have an issue, you should not hesitate to contact him and he will take care of you in a very prompt manner. I only buy my LED's for my S2K from Joey!!! Thanks again!

- Phillip I.

Once again Joey is the man! Just changed my Done, trunk, and plate lights over to his LED's. Great Product! Great Service! Fast Shipping! Cant ask for more. .

- Luis M.

I've had a few weeks to get used to the new LED lights for the interior and trunk now. I just cannot believe the difference and the improvement your LED light give. The interior and trunk of my S2000 are so much brighter than before. Thanks for a great product and your great service.

- Raymond H.

Once again Joey is the man! Just changed my Done, trunk, and plate lights over to his LED's. Great Product! Great Service! Fast Shipping! Cant ask for more. .

- Luis M.

love the site and service the parking LED lights i ordered are a cool touch to any ride!

- Devin C.