Why Choose Supernova LEDs?

This is important enough that we made a video explaining it.

#1 Reason: We manufacture our own LEDs.  And it's been that way since 2010. 

This means that we have 100% control over every process and part of our LEDs: LED chip, boards, assembly, and testing.

Article: Beware Counterfeit Supernova V.4 LEDs!


We use ONLY the BEST quality and components and BRIGHTEST LED chips for our LEDs.  We don't sell you the crap that isn't bright enough.  We hand pick each of our components that go into making each of our LEDs, and it shows. Since 2008, we have around a 0.2% failure rate on our LEDs. This means that for every 1,000 LEDs we manufacture and sell, 2 fail and are replaced by our warranty.


We do the research so you don’t have to. No need to figure out what fits your car. No need to figure out which LED chips are bright enough, angles for each LED chip, color temperatures, or bulb base types.
From all our years of experience, we manufacture and sell only the BEST LEDs for each bulb type. 



Not only are our components higher quality, we make sure to test each LED before it leaves the assembly line to ensure that your LEDs work when you plug them in that first time and they blind the crap out of you. We also do real world testing on all our LEDs, in real cars. This is done because LED testing in the real world may have different results than when we are designing them. We constantly strive to improve our products.


We use color binned LEDs sorted by their color temperature and brightness, so that you get PURE WHITE light only. No ricey blue or purple LEDs.  AutoZone special, this is not.


We know that LEDs do still fail despite our strict quality control, so we offer a 2-year warranty to cover you just in case.  Our Supernova V.4 X line of LEDs have an even longer 4 year warranty!



We sell only the brightest LEDs for each application, so you know you’re getting the best product possible. We will never sell LEDs that are unsafe for everyday use.


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Our 30-day money back guarantee gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect.

To all car enthusiasts, from all of us at Supernova LEDs - Love your cars and Thanks for letting us serve you!

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